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Nedis 120 minute 6 Litre Smart Robovac – 335763

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Nedis 120 minute 6 Litre Smart Robovac – 335763


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• 3-in-1 robot cleaner: sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping
• Includes both a dust bin and a water tank
• Laser navigation combined with military-grade gyroscope for most accurate mapping and cleaning
• Automatically scans and divides area in separate rooms, all shown in the free Nedis SmartLife app
• Support in app room adjustment as well as the drawing of virtual wall or restricted areas
• Point and go: point in the map exactly where to clean
• Multiple cleaning modes:
– AUTO Mode for general cleaning- Edge Mode for edge cleaning
– Spot Mode for specific small area cleaning
• Two edge brushes to clean in the corners and gather all filth
• Built-in advanced sensors, it easily avoids obstacles and falling down
• With up to 15mm high door sills crossing ability, it can easily cross obstacles like door sill, cleans from room to room
• The 2000pa strong brushless motor picks up everything from any floor or carpet
• Clean for up to 150 minutes (xx m2) on a single charge thanks to the 3200 mAh rechargeable battery
• The low profile design allows cleaning under most furniture and narrow spaces
• 3 layers of dust filtration capturing up to 99.5% of tiny dust mites, particles, and allergens
• Large dust bin capacity of 600 ml and 350ml water tank to limit the frequency of emptying
• Supports voice control i.c.w. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
• Vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charger when it’s finished or when the battery is empty

2 in stock

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This 3-in-1 Smart Wi-Fi robot cleaner can sweep, vacuum, and mop your home while you’re doing something else, or even when you’re not at home. Simply connect it to your home Wi-Fi and operate it through the Nedis SmartLife app (iOS and Android), remote control, or the buttons on the robot itself. It also supports voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant.

This robot vacuum cleaner uses invisible and harmless laser to actively scan the room for most accurate mapping and navigates most efficiently using the military grade gyroscope to clean and navigate most efficiently to result in the cleanest result in the shortest time possible. As additional features you can point it to clean a specific room or area on the map or draw virtual walls or restricted areas where it will absolutely not come. This can be particularly useful when you have small or fragile objects on the floor, loose cables or curtains hanging on the floor.

The two brushes on the edge sweep past the walls and other objects to collect dust and debris and direct everything to the center where it is sucked up, thanks to the 2000 pa strong brushless motor. The sensors detect when there is a wall or obstacle or a drop (staircase). When it’s finished, or when the battery runs empty it will automatically go back to the charger to charge itself so it is always ready for the next job.

The robot cleaner has a HEPA filter that removes all fine particles from the air, which means you will suffer less from allergies. The powerful Li-ion battery means that the robot cleaner can operate without interruption for 150 minutes. Thanks to the large dust bin of 600 ml, you are not required to empty yhe cleaner as frequently as other vacuum cleaners.

You can set up a daily or weekly cleaning schedule or send it directly to a specific spot in your home. For easy direct control, this vacuum cleaner also comes with remote control. But by combing it with other smart products in the Nedis SmartLife app you can also set automation, so the vacuum cleaner automatically starts cleaning after you have left your home, or after switching off the lights at night.

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