Ninja Ice Cream Maker | NC300UK

So much more than ice cream

Create and customise delicious frozen treats with 7 preset programs. Make it indulgent, low sugar, dairy free, vegan and more – the choice is yours. With 3 Dessert Tubs you can make up to 1.4L of ice cream to suit all tastes.

Fill, freeze, process, enjoy

Simply fill a Dessert Tub with your favourite ingredients, pop into the freezer for 24 hours, then process to perfection in minutes when you’re ready to serve! The rotating Creamerizer paddle quickly transforms your frozen base into a creamy treat.

Endless possibilities

7 preset programs: Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Smoothie Bowl, Light Ice Cream, Milkshake & Mix-Ins.

Create everything from indulgent ice cream, smooth gelato and luxurious milkshakes to soft fruit sorbets, frozen yoghurt, guilt-free smoothie bowls and more – exactly as you like it!

Your desserts, your way

Indulgent, low sugar, dairy free, keto or vegan, the choice is yours.