Rangemaster 110cm Classic Deluxe Induction Range Cooker | CDL110EICY/B | Cranberry

Rangemaster 110cm Classic Deluxe Induction Range Cooker | CDL110EICY/B | Cranberry

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Product Features:
  • Five burner hotplate
  • Bread proving drawer
  • Smooth action glide-out grill
  • Storage drawer, for storage of pots and pans
  • Induction models have hot hob’ indicators for safety
  • A rated ovens giving the best possible energy efficiency

Available on back-order

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Imbued with ultra-chic styling that makes this collection a firm favourite among those with more classical tastes, this range can cater for three different size preferences, being at home in any kitchen. The Classic Deluxe is available in a gorgeous colour palette.

The Classic Deluxe 110cm now includes a proving drawer a unique feature for the range cooker market. This drawer enables a controlled, warm environment, operated by a simple on off switch, and has slots in the base that allow warm air to flow in and prove dough perfectly.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response setting enables you to preheat the oven faster than normal. It uses the fan oven element with additional heat from one of the elements in the top of the oven. Fan ovens heat up quickly but the Rapid Response feature speeds this process up enabling you to start cooking sooner.

Fan Oven

This function operates the fan and the heating element around it. An even heat is producedthroughout the oven, allowing you to cook large amounts quickly.

Fanned Grilling

This function operates the fan while the top element is on. It produces a more even, less fierce heat than a conventional grill.

Fan Assisted Oven

This function operates the fan, circulating air heated by the elements at the top and the base of the oven. The combination of fan and conventional cooking (top and base heat) makes this unction ideal for cooking large items that need thorough cooking, such as a large meat roast.

Conventional Oven

This function combines the heat from the top and base elements. It is particularly suitable for roasting and baking pastry, cakes and biscuits.

Browning Element

This function uses the element in the top of the oven only. It is a useful function for the browning or finishing of pasta dishes, vegetables in sauce, shepherds pie and lasagne, the item to be browned being already hot before switching to the top element.

Base Heat

This function uses the base element only. It will crisp up your pizza or quiche base or finish off cooking the base of a pastry case on a lower shelf. It is also a gentle heat, good for slow cooking of casseroles in the middle of the oven or for plate warming.


This function operates the fan to circulate cold air only. Make sure the temperature control is at 0°C and that no heat is applied. This enables small items such as desserts, cream cakes and pieces of meat, fish and poultry to be defrosted.

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