Choosing a washing machine can be no simple task with so many features to choose from.

Drum capacity’s from 6kg to a massive 18kg for the busiest of families, special care wash programmes, smart features that use Alexa or Google Assistant, Addwash for the stray sock that you found on the floor, automatic dosing & anti-foam technology are just some of features available in today’s modern washing machine.

Thankfully, our handy buying guide will help you choose what’s best suited to you how to get the most from your new washing machine.

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Washing Machine Buying Guide
Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing Machine Buying Guide GET CONNECTED

Wi-Fi enabled washing machines are the latest trend. Although this technology is relatively new, models with this feature are starting to become much more common.
As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can remotely monitor and control your washing machine using an app on your Smartphone.
Start, stop, pause, or receive an alert when your load has finished, all at the touch of a screen. Some apps can also detect any issues with your machine and suggest solutions. Plus, you can download additional cycles to use and receive a programme suggestion based on the items you’re washing.


An auto dosing washing machine contains an internal detergent reservoir filled with liquid detergent. The washing machine weighs your clothes in the drum and sets the perfect detergent amount for up to 20 washes depending on brand. Auto dose washing machines are great for cutting down on your detergent costs because they only use what they need per cycle.

They are simple to use and great way of getting the perfect results for all types of wash cycles whilst avoiding wasting detergent.



From 1st of March 2021 a new rescaled energy label ranging from A to G has been introduced. The new labels make it easier for customers to choose the most energy efficient appliances within their budgets. An energy efficient washing machine uses only a third of the energy used by a typical 10-year-old model. Choosing energy efficient appliances will save you money on your energy bills and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions


Some washing machines offer special cycles created for garments with a ‘hand wash only’ label. These protect your clothes with a gentle wash, while still giving them a thorough clean. Baby cycles are perfect if you have a little one at home. Items such as bibs and baby grows are cleaned intensively to remove food stains and dirt. Brands like Blomberg even offer hygiene cycles, capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria at wash temperatures as low as 30°C.


Some washing machines have a steam refresh option.This isn’t a wash programme as such, but a cycle where your clothes are steamed to remove odours and freshen them up. This option can be added onto the end of a wash cycle to help reduce creases, and remove particles that may irritate people with allergies or sensitive skin.


When buying a washing machine, look for a model with a high RPM. The faster the spin of your machine, the more water is squeezed out of your laundry and the quicker it will dry. Some models allow you to alter the spin speed to suit the type of load better. Delicates and silks, for example. could get damaged at high speeds. Lowering the spin speed can also help to reduce creasing.


Noise ratings vary depending on the quality of the washing machine. Some models have new features like brushless or quiet drive motors, and anti- vibration systems, to reduce noise levels as much as possible.Water pumps have also become quieter as their design has improved.


Quick wash cycles clean clothes in around 14 to 30 minutes. You can save time by using these programmes to freshen up smaller loads. Blomberg has a Mini 14’ programme, which can wash around 2 kg of lightly soiled clothing in just 14 minutes.


Washing Machine Buying Guide

How long does a quick wash normally take?
Quick washes can normally take between 15 – 30 minutes for a reduce load but some brands such as Blomberg can complete a full load in less than 30 minutes.

What’s the difference between freestanding and integrated washing machine?
An integrated washing machine will always sit behind a press door or cupboard door.A freestanding washing machine sits in an open space normally under a kitchen counter

How can I save money on detergent?
Brands like Bosch, Samsung and Miele now have washing machines that auto dose your laundry. They store the detergent in a reservoir ensuring the correct amount of detergent is used based of the type of clothing and weight. These machines can save an average family approximately 80 euro per year on detergent.

Is a steam cycle worthwhile having?
Steam is great at removing particles such as pollen and dust mites from your clothing it can also reduce creasing in your clothing helping cut down on the ironing.

Is a smart washing machine any benefit?
Smart washing machines allow you to control the appliance through your smart phone. They allow you to pause the load if needed and notify you when its finished or about to finish. Some smart washing machines will allow you to control the appliance through Google or Alexa. Depending on brand they will also notify you of any faults and give you maintenance tips.

Why are all washing machines cold fill?
Washing machines are all cold fill nowadays. They heat the water, helping to cut down on the energy used. Detergents are also more effective at cleaning at lower temperatures so you get better wash results.

What is a direct drive motor?
Direct drive motors use no belts or gearboxes to make the drum spin. This helps with less wear and tear and helps increase the lifesapn of the machine

How rellable are washing machines?
Washing machines will have a warranty from 1 – 5 years and are supplied to Euronics by respected manufactures. For extra peace of mind we offer Brightside product protection that covers you in the event of a fault and offers you a replacement if it can’t be fixed.

Can I buy now and pay later?
humm Finance gives you the power to pay in slices! Simply apply today and once approved, you can go shop for your new washing machine in store or online