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  • Touch control panel with blue-lit buttons – clearly visible and easy to operate
  • 3-level fan speed
  • Quiet night mode – for a good night’s rest in clear air
  • Works with HEPA filter – removes 99.99% of all dust and dirt particles ≥ 0.3 um
  • Ionisator – for extra clean air
  • Filter indicator – to replace the HEPA filter on time
  • CADR: smoke 130 m3/h and a capacity of 20 m2
  • Small footprint – easy to move around
  • Antiskid rubber feet
  • Multicolour mood light – for extra ambiance

10 in stock

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Nothing beats living or working in a clean home or office. However, even when a room looks spot on, the air quality might not be as good; dust and dirt particles floating through the air can be so small that you can’t actually see them. Our Nedis® air purifier offers the perfect solution for a healthy indoor climate.

This air purifier works with a HEPA filter, removing up to 99.99% of all particles of 0.3 micrometre or bigger, which includes pollen and dust mite. This means less dust and you will also suffer much less from your allergies. To maximise the effect, the air purifier also integrates an ionisator. This option ensures that dirt and dust particles fall to the floor instead of floating freely through the air that you breathe so you and your family can enjoy extra clean air while being indoors.

The air purifier has a mood light and blue-lit touch buttons for clear visibility.
The fan has 3 speeds plus a night mode. The latter ensures clean, pure air even while you’re asleep but at an even lower noise level and with the lights out. This makes this air purifier perfect for your bedroom, baby room or basically any room up till 20 m2.


Nedis air purifier

3 levels of fan speed

With a quiet night mode for A good nights sleep in clean air

Touch control panel with Blue-lit buttons clearly

Visible & easy to operate

Works with a hepa filter

Which removes 99.99% of all

Dust & dirt particle greater

Than .3 micrometres which

Includes pollen & dust mites

The air purifier also removes

Odours & bad smells

Ionisator for extra clean air

Filter indicator to let you

Know when to replace hepa filter

Cadr(clean air delivery rate)

Cadr: smoke 130 m3/h &

Capacity of 20m2

Small & compact footprint

Portable & easy to use

Ideal for home or office use

Anti-skid rubber feet

Multi-colour mood light

For extra ambiance

Power 35watt

Noise level 32-50 db

Colour white

**Comes with 2 pin plug adaptor

Adaptor provided by supplier

2 pin plug needs to be pushed in to

Adaptor for secure fit**

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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